Politicians Lost Our FAITH

Many feel, were currently, undergoing, in the very – least, a period of time, where, there appears, to get the most division, and polarization, in recent memory! While, a couple of extremists, may enjoy, their, hopefully, short-term, power and influence, we should hope, somehow, there’s some semblance of wise practice, and fewer partisan behavior, often, that’s divisive, and serve greater good, and even more focus on looking for, and receiving, a celebration – of – the – minds, for the higher good! For this nation to achieve success, a bipartisan approach, where we elect our most prominent political/ public leaders/ officials, determined by their priorities, serving and representing, all, as an alternative to only, a select – few! We have witnessed, continuously, loss, with the public’s FAITH, in this system, that individuals, and, we’d like, and deserve better! With, that under consideration, this information will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, while using mnemonic approach, what this implies and represents, and why it matters.

  1. Facts; future; fairness; furnish; fruition; fate: The fate in this nation, and planet, may depend, largely, on whether we restore, public confidence, and trust! The public needs, and needs to know and understand the details, along with the significant difference, between those, as well as an individual’s opinions, political – spin, etc! We need fairness, as being a key, to the paths, and actions! Before it’s too late, we should begin, electing people, whorrrre ready, willing, and competent to furnish probably the most responsible, and responsive leadership, and produce it, to fruition!
  2. Attitude; aptitude; attention; actions; aspirations: We need people, that has a genuine, positive, can – do, attitude, and a lot – less, negativism, and populism, as well as being a well – developed, relevant, aptitude, and skill – set, and so are willing to pay keen attention, on the options and alternatives, and proceed, with actions, which enhance our aspirations, and hopes, rather than our fears, and biases/ prejudice!
  3. Inspire; integrity; improvements; insights: How many elected officials, will you believe, actually, proceeded, with genuine, absolute integrity, as an alternative to their own, personal/ political agenda, and self – interest? We need consistently, well – considered, viable improvements, and solutions, which inspire, our citizens, towards, causeing the nation, and world, better! Wouldn’t it be better, if these officials, possessed the insights, to find out the bigger – picture?
  4. Trust/ truth; together; timely; time – tested: Why should people trust anyone, who won’t diet plan? We need people, who prioritize, bringing us together, for the higher good, using good sense, in the well – considered, timely manner, and taking advantage with the smartest, relevant, sustainable, time – tested, knowledge, experience, expertise, judgment, and, hopefully, wisdom!
  5. Humane; healing; head/ heart: Shouldn’t a requisite, of public leading, be, proceeding, in the humane, healing way? To achieve this, requires, aligning one’s emotional and logical components, in the head/ heart balance!

Wake up, America, and demand, those we elect, to provide and represent us, and all sorts of our Constitutional guarantees, do it, consistently? If they want to regain our FAITH, this must become a necessity, and necessity!